The Republican Clinical Oncology Dispensary is a high-flow oncology center that provides care to 90% of patients in the Republic of Belarus.

The diagnostic service is equipped with the most modern equipment that allows minimally invasive biopsies of solid tumors of the thoracic and abdominal cavities under ultrasound and X-ray control. In flow endoscopy, intraluminal extensive submucosal resections of gastrointestinal tumors are introduced.

More than 10,500 malignant neoplasm operations are performed here annually. Using the most modern video endoscopic systems with 4K resolution, 90% of oncourological operations are performed in the center, 85% of operations for colorectal cancer, the treatment time in such patients does not exceed 6-7 days. In oncogynecology, intraperitoneal hyperthermic chemotherapy (HIPEC) has been introduced in patients with advanced gynecological cancer, and significant experience has been gained in performing total pelvic eviscerations in locally advanced malignant tumors.

In breast cancer, organ-preserving technologies with simultaneous and delayed reconstructive operations with replacement of breast tissues with expanders and implants are widely used.

Unique oral malignancy surgeries have been implemented using revascularized flaps to eliminate post-resection defects, allowing for extensive interventions and optimal functional outcomes.

The radiological service of GAUZ RKOD of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus is the largest radiation therapy center in the Russian Federation. It is equipped with six high-energy linear accelerators of the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment ELEKTA and VARIAN, which makes it possible to implement modern treatment technologies: 3D-CRT, IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, SABR, SBRT, respiratory control (ABC), non-planar fields (Hexapod). Brachytherapy is performed on SagiNova and MultiSource (Bebic) machines. For the treatment of prostate cancer, both high-dose and permanent brachytherapy (seed) are routinely used. In addition, radiosurgical treatment on Cyber-knife (Accuray) is available to patients on our site. All types of modern medical images (PET, MRI, CT) are used for clinical topometry. More than 400 patients undergo treatment every day.